frequently asked questions about building and renovations

We’re often asked questions by our clients regarding new builds, renovations, materials and so on. Here we will try and answer them for you in advance, but if you cannot find the answer you are looking for then please contact our team of experts.

How long does it take to get an appointment with PHS?
We do our best to meet all requested appointments within 5 days. This depends on our work load at the time, but will communicate to you if we cant make it within a good time frame. If its urgent just let us know and we can make special arrangements for you.
What time is the best time to get an appointment?

We are available Monday to Saturday 9am – 5pm for consultations and appointments.

How do I request an appointment?

You can either fill in our contact form on the website, email us using the email address provided on the website or even give us a call, any of these ways we will start the ball rolling. For full contact details click here.

Does it cost anything for an initial consultation or appointment to discuss our project?

It doesn’t cost anything for your first consultation/appointment. We are happy to come and see what it is you need doing and will communicate with you from there onwards.

Who comes to the consultation/appointment?

Depending on what we are coming for depends who we bring with us, for example if it’s a home repair we will bring one of our senior workers along so they can start to inspect the defected area. If its just to discuss a new project, ie home build, renovation, extension then one of our senior representatives (from UK or Aus) will be there to meet you. Sometimes we do bring our designer along also.

What kind of projects has PHS done in the past?

Having been around in Phuket for over a decade we have been involved with projects many sizes, from working at central shopping malls, to building new houses around the island and renovating, repairing roofs, walls and floors of houses all shapes and sizes.

How many jobs at once can PHS team handle and is there a back log of jobs waiting to be completed?

We can handle multiple jobs at once given the size of the team and the level of management controlling them so we don’t have back log problems. We certainly won’t agree to starting a job unless we know we can handle it and complete it on time.

Once our job is completed do we ever see you again or have the ability to ask you further questions? / What if something breaks?

Absolutely yes, we offer an aftercare service which means once a customer always a customer our team is here to answer any questions you may have and visit your property if there is Anything you feel isn’t right with the job.

How do we know that the quality of workmanship is good?

The reason why we have a western management team is for this exact reason, quality and finishing of work is key and that is one of our core values. We quality control inspect each stage of the job and will ask for a signed hand off from you the customer also so that all are aligned and happy with the result.

Are you expensive compared to other contractors and building companies?

Difficult question to ask as we cant really say yes or no. what we do know (especially during this time of pressure in the world with covid) is that some companies will cut corners to appear cheaper but then end up costing you more money in the long run. We believe in transparency every step of the way and will explain what the costs wil be so you can diligently compare us with other contractors before making the decision.

Why do people chose PHS over other companies?

We believe our western style of managing projects combined with the level of service is why people chose PHS. Having worked in Thailand for nearly 20 years and speaking the language we have the ability to communicate with the Thais to get the job done to western standards. Not only this but our pricing is very fair, our selection of sub-contractors is at a high standard and on all jobs we have western supervision to ensure site is clean, tidy and working efficiently.

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