phuket home solutions design & building service

Building and construction projects by necessity require the management of many elements, and perhaps most importantly, the right team for the job. We have over 15 years of design and build experience in Phuket, Thailand and have constructed a professional team of design and building experts to ensure that your dream home can become a reality. We like to keep our Home design & build process simple for our clients, and let our team of experts do the hard parts.

Projects can be complicated and daunting, especially if you are dealing with suppliers in a foreign language. Our team is fluent in both English and Thai language and we can break down the language barrier to ensure you get exactly what you need.

We integrate all aspects of building construction and project management. We strive to keep the complicated matters of the construction industry simple. We communicate in clear and simple terms and our aim is always to develop a trusting relationship with both contractors and clients. DID YOU KNOW we are now offering a complimentary design service for our clients, click here for more information

turnkey home building

From design to completion, we are with you every step of the way through your dream home project, creating something beautiful, together.

extensions & renovations

Repair and improve, or extend and enhance existing buildings. We design and build to your to suit your requirements with our professional service

swimming pools and spas

Customised swimming pool installations and outdoor spas designed and built to perfection. Integrated with all the features you desire.

design and architecture

Our planning services include ; architectural designs, 2d & 3d renders, building plans and acquiring all required building authorisations and permits.

interior design

In homes, offices and retail outlets we implement modern or traditional designs with the latest materials and products available.

consultancy & project management

Use our expertise and experience to oversee your project to ensure clear communication, timely results and delivery on budget.

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What To Ask Your Phuket Builder?

What To Ask Your Phuket Builder?

What To Ask A Phuket Home Builder? 6 Important Questions. Choosing a builder for your dream home project in Phuket should be an easy process and when picking, it's important to know what to ask a Phuket home builder when you are making your choice. You should be as...

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Concept Design Is On Us

Concept Design Is On Us

the concept design is on us! contact us today about our complimentary Phuket home concept design service Call 080 707 6153 or complete our form to enquire about our complimentary concept design service.complimentary concept design service in Phuket We've expanded the...

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how to build a house in Phuket, Thailand

how to build a house in Phuket, Thailand

how to build a house in Phuket, Thailand. Some of the questions that we often get when people ask about how to build a house in Phuket, Thailand are: How do I even go about building a house in Phuket? Where do I begin when building my dream Phuket home? Who can I...

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