What To Ask A Phuket Home Builder? 6 Important Questions.

Choosing a builder for your dream home project in Phuket should be an easy process and when picking, it’s important to know what to ask a Phuket home builder when you are making your choice. You should be as informed as possible when deciding on which Phuket based home building company to use. Quality of work will vary from contractor to contractor but there are a few ways to ensure that you get the right team for your job, and that your Phuket Home project is completed on time and within budget.

1. Are they a recognized Phuket Building Company?

When it comes to having your home built, it’s important to consider a company that has been in the area for sometime. This shows that they are proud of the quality of work they have produced and still available in your area to work with you on any renovations, repairs or future projects.

2. How familiar are they with Phuket and it’s tradesmen?

Knowledge of the local area and it’s tradespeople will play an important factor in any house project in Phuket. With so many moving parts in a new home project, your building company of choice will need to know where to get the best materials available and which sub contractors to use to ensure that your build is completed on time and in budget.

3. Can they work within your budget?

One of the most important areas when it comes to building a home in Phuket is the budget. You should always have full transparency with your builder about current and ongoing costs of the project and these boundaries should be set before the work starts. While unforeseen issues may cause the budget to go over in some areas, good communication is key and you should always have an open channel of contact with your builders.

4. What’s their typical turnaround time for building in Phuket?

When it comes to having your home renovated, repaired or built, time is money. You want to always be working with a construction company in Phuket that hits their deadlines and gives you a realistic time frame of how long the project will be until it’s complete. A good builder makes sure his team are onsite, getting the job done.

5. Does the Phuket home contractor take on projects of your size?

A lot of builders will see $$ signs if presented with a large construction project and promise you the world, then not deliver. When choosing a building company for your house, villa, condo or business project in Phuket, don’t be afraid to ask them if they’ve taken on a previous project that fits the same scope of yours or if that you can see an example of their previous work.

6. Will the contractor stick with the job through to completion?

A common problem clients come across is the contractor disappearing mid project and turning up days later to finish it with no reasoning, putting you behind schedule and potentially costing you money as well as time. This is another area where communication becomes key when making the right choice. Realistic deadlines and full transparency with your builder will eliminate this issue from happening.

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