phuket home solutions process

We have over 15 years of design and build experience in Phuket, Thailand and have constructed a professional team of design and building experts to ensure that your dream home can become a reality. We like to keep our Home design & build process simple for our clients, and let our team of experts do the hard parts.

Our team is fluent in both English and Thai language and we can break down the language barrier to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Phuket Home Solutions design and build servce

step 1: design concept

  • Project brief and project requirements outlineĀ 
  • Floor plan and concept ideas
  • 3d modelling and cad renderings proposal
  • Budget analysis

step 2: planning stage

  • Preliminary cost submission
  • Contract and permits
  • Schedule and timeline
  • Project overview planning
Phuket Home Solutions Planning Stage for new house builds

step 3: project construction phase

  • Preliminary site works
  • Team and material mobilization
  • On going in house design and engineer support
  • Project management and supervisor reports

step 4: completion

  • New project cleaned and cleared
  • We lay out our aftercare service
  • Instructions relayed about any new appliances or features
  • Enjoy your new forever home!
House design & concept service | Phuket Home Solutions

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