how to build a house in Phuket, Thailand.

Some of the questions that we often get when people ask about how to build a house in Phuket, Thailand are:

How do I even go about building a house in Phuket?

Where do I begin when building my dream Phuket home?

Who can I trust to give me the right info?

What is the right process to build a house in Phuket that one follows?

How do I not get ripped off and risk losing my investment?

What kind of house in Phuket can I actually build?

Of course there’s Lots of land out there at great prices that lure you in and start you thinking of your dream property, whether it be in the South with beautiful sea views in Phuket, or in the quieter provinces with mountain and lake views in Krabi or Phang Nga.

The truth is that the thought of doing this to many people, due to all the unknowns, is what puts people off actually going ahead and getting it done. If you don’t know what you’re getting, you would be a fool to continue parting with large lumps of cash without making sure your investment was protected.

Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s better to find your own plot of land and build the house you want compared to buying a house already built. That way you will know the quality of the build, the materials used and indeed create a floor plan that suits your needs and not someone else’s. Not to mention, you can purchase land and build your own property and spend less and gain more in the long run on returns.

Phuket Home Solutions, part of the Urban Planning Group, have been working in Thailand for over 15 years and have certainly come across the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to building. Process and clarity is key for anyone having building work done and choosing the right building contractor for the job is key. Having a western approach on building standards and project management is vital to getting your build completed on budget, likewise having the contractor fluent in Thai and English is also key to completing the build on time. This is due to sub-contractor workers mainly being fluent in Thai language and lacking the communicate skills you may be used to in your home country.

Here we will take you through through the most important things you will need to know when it comes to the question “How to build a house in Phuket, Thailand?”, so you understand all that’s required to go. Starting from purchasing your land to building your dream home within the budget you so desire.

How To Purchase Land & Get A Land Survey In Thailand.

This is the start of your dream and whatever you have in mind for your home, the shape, size, contour, position and land deed type is key to the end design of your home. Get this part wrong and you may come across restrictions during the home design process that stop you from creating your ideal property.

An important thing to note is that if you are a foreigner to Thailand, you cannot own Land in your name. It must be done through a third party or through a company.

Before purchasing important to check with your chosen contractor so they can go through and assist you with land title due diligence, land title contracts (make sure there are no restrictions on what you can build) and perform land surveys so that you get the actual size, contour and shape of your land before getting into the design stage of your home. This does incur additional costs usually, however it really is important for you to know exactly what you are buying before going into the build process. It could save you hundreds of thousands and a lot of heart ache.

Phuket Home Solutions can help you with every step of this process, contact us for more details.

The Concept Design & Budget Process for building your new home in Phuket, Thailand

This is the exciting part! Once you’ve purchased the land deeds, found the contractor you feel comfortable with and are happy with all the land terms, this is where your dream starts to become a reality.

It’s important at this stage the contractor knows the budget you have to spend on your new home, but what’s more, it’s equally as important to understand exactly what stage that budget will take you too – i.e:

Is it just the bricks and mortar?
Does it include a pool?
Does it include electrics?
Does it include floors?
Does it include finishing and furniture?

The list goes on! All this can be discussed with your contractor at length to make sure you expectations are met and that no hidden surprises come back to bite you in the proverbial! Also, discuss with your contractor about the design fees. Whilst most firms will charge extra straight away for a design, Phuket Home Solutions offers a 3 stage complimentary service that gives you an idea of your dream build. This includes:

  • Proposed floor plans that meet your budgets/size of house. This is calculated in square meters.
  • Concept design model so you can start to see what your house is going to look like.
  • Proposed material selection. See what key materials your home will be made of to make it look wow!

Within this stage you can meet up to three times with the team at Phuket Home Solutions and start to change and adapt the plans as you wish to meet your needs, whether its looks, size and indeed cost.

Phuket Home Solutions offer a complete Concept Design & Budget Planning solution for you, contact us for more details.

The Phuket Home Solutions Architectural Design & Commitment Process

It’s now decision time! You as the customer must now make a decision whether you want to proceed with a full design from a licensed Thai architect, provided by your contractor, and begin the process of forming contracts, stage payment plan, building schedules, BOQ documents, FFE documents and ultimately building your dream home.
At this stage you would need to provide Phuket Home Solutions with a payment deposit so that we can continue forming all of the necessary planning to get your build on its way. It’s an exciting part of the process now as it all becomes reality.

You will start to see your house on plan with full engineering calculations, see where your rooms will be located and the actual size of what they will be and of course see your house in a detailed 3D model sitting on the projected land you have just purchased.

Of course any changes that are required can still be made, in fact as most builds go, changes are made during the build when a physical feeling of space comes in to play.
Once design has been approved, anytime from this point the contractors will start breaking ground and things will start taking shape. The length of the build will clearly be stipulated in your recent contracts and the reality of your new home is beginning to come to life.

Phuket Home Solutions are fully committed to every project we undertake. It’s important for us that our client is delivered everything that was promised, in the right time frame and within budget boundaries. For more information visit contact us now.

The Phuket Home Solutions Build Process

All the hard work, diligent planning and design has led to this point. It’s time to get cracking and building your dream home. The contractor will manage your build and budget throughout the whole process but one must note that this is quite a stressful part of the process for both customer and contractor.

Why? Well Of course challenges will always be faced during the building process and problems will arise, (you don’t always know what’s underground for example, what the weather will do and sometimes what’s on plan feels different to the reality when it’s starting to be built in a real environment) but having the right contractor on the job will mean that challenges are overcome, and overcome efficiently and professionally, without cutting corners.

Rest assured that being positive during this process does help, there is always a way and the right contractor will find it, whether that’s having to change a material type as it didn’t quite work or fit the budget, changing the thickness of concrete or a wall, the shape of a window or indeed the size of a room because it doesn’t feel quite right. Don’t worry it can always be overcome and Phuket Home Solutions thrive in these conditions.
What’s more, procurement and the management process is key to the build finishing on time as any missing elements can have a knock on effect with the schedule, so make sure that a clear plan is provided to you with realistic timelines and lead times of items that require procurement.

And what feels to be a never ending process, or watching a pot boil will indeed turn into your new home and when it’s all over, you will miss that feeling you had of piecing your home together bit by bit.

Phuket Home Solutions design and build houses, condos and villas that are built to last. We’ll turn bricks and mortar into your Forever Home, contact us for more information!

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